Council Policy


The following policies have been adopted by Council to define and document clear and consistant procedures:

pdf Access to Council and Committee Meetings and Associated Documents - Code of Practice (includes informal gatherings)

pdf Alteration to Public Roads, Verges and Footpaths Policy

pdf Asset Accounting Policy

pdf Asset Management Policies

pdf Asset Sale and Disposal Policy

pdf Budget Report and Amendment Policy

pdf Building Inspection and Swimming Pool Policy

pdf Business Continuity Policy - Management of Disruption Risk

pdf Caretaker Policy

pdf Cemetery

pdf Cemetery Operating Policy

pdf Civic Recognition Policy

pdf Code of Conduct - Elected Members

pdf Code of Conduct - Elected Members Complaint Handling Policy

pdf Code of Conduct - Employee

pdf Code of Conduct - S41 Independent Members

pdf Communication Policy

pdf Community Engagement Framework

pdf Community Engagement Policy

pdf Community Events Grants and Donations Policy

pdf Community Gardens Policy

pdf Complaint Management Framework

pdf Construction of unmade road reserves

pdf Contributions to Council

pdf Council Delegates - Appointment Process

pdf Council Election Policy

pdf Council S41 Commitees

pdf Delegations Policy

pdf Development Act Delegations

pdf Directional Sign Policy

pdf Disability Discrimination Policy

pdf Elected Member Induction Training and Development Policy

pdf Elected Member Use of Social Media Guideline

pdf Elected Members Allowances and Benefits Policy

pdf Election of Deputy Mayor

pdf Emergency Management Framework

pdf Event Traffic Management Policy

pdf Fees and Charges Policy

pdf Financial Sustainability Policy

pdf Fleet Vehicle procurement & disposal procedure

pdf Fraud & Corruption Prevention Management Guideline

pdf Fraud and Corruption Policy

pdf Freedom of Information Policy

pdf Funding Policy

pdf General Ledger Policy

pdf Good Public Administration Framework

pdf Graffiti Management Policy

pdf Graffiti Management Removal Guideline

pdf Healthy Eating Policy

pdf Healthy Murraylands Policy Brochure

pdf Hiring Council facilities

pdf Informal Gatherings Policy

pdf Infrastructure and Bonding Policy

pdf Insurance - Use of Council Land Council Policy

pdf Insurance - Use of Local Government Land Management Guideline

pdf Interment on Private Land

pdf Internal Control Policy

pdf Internal review of Council decisions

pdf I-responda - Community Emergency Response

pdf Kerbside Waste Recycling Green Organics Services Policy

pdf Lease and Licensing Policy

pdf Leasing and Licensing Council Facilities Policy

pdf Lerwin Aged Care Facility Debt Recovery Policy

pdf Lerwin Aged Care Facility Refundable Accommodation Deposits Governance Policy

pdf Lerwin Liquidity Management Strategy

pdf Library Management

pdf Light Fleet corporate policy - 743150

pdf Limit of Dog Numbers - Bylaw 5 Policy

pdf Memorials Policy

pdf Mobile Food Vendor Location Rules Policy

pdf Order Making Policy

pdf Outdoor Dining Policy

pdf Policy Delegations

pdf Policy Documentation Policy

pdf Policy Framework

pdf Privacy Policy

pdf Privately Funded DPAs

pdf Procurement Policy

pdf Property Identification Policy (Road Naming & Road/Street numbering)

pdf Prudential Management Policy

pdf Public Art Policy

pdf Rate Rebate Policy

pdf Rates - Senior Postponement Policy

pdf Rates Debt Recovery Policy

pdf Rates Financial Hardship Policy

pdf Rating Policy

pdf Records Management

pdf Regional Gallery Collection Policy

pdf Relationships with External bodies

pdf Risk Management Framework

pdf Risk Management Policy

pdf Road Maintenance (Manure on Roads)

pdf Safe Environs Policy

pdf Sport and Recreation Management Guideline

pdf Staff Reward and Recognition Policy

pdf Structures on Community Riverfront Reserves Policy

pdf Sundry Debt Recovery Policy

pdf Treasury Management Policy

pdf Tree Management Policy

pdf Unlawful Development Enforcement Policy

pdf Unsightly Premises Policy

pdf Unsolicitored Bid Policy

pdf Use of Council Facilities for Fitness Groups and Personal Trainers Policy

pdf Volunteer Code of Conduct

pdf Volunteer Policy

pdf Water and Sewerage Retail Services - Hardship Policy

pdf Water Sewerage Retail Services Riverglen and Woodlane Price List and Pricing Policy

pdf Water Sewerage Retail Services Riverglen Woodlane Customer Charter

pdf Water Sewerage Retail Services Riverglen Woodlane Enquiry Complaints Dispute Resolution Procedure

pdf Whistleblowers Protection Policy

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