Biodiversity and Greening


Planting Trees on Footpaths Murray Bridge is a beautiful green city with a climate ideal for growing a variety of trees and plants.  However, not all trees and plants are suitable for planning on council verges and footpaths.

Some trees have aggressive root systems that may affect water, sewerage, drainage, electricity and telecommunications infrastructure buried underground.  Some trees may also become hazards for pedestrians and vehicles.  Small plants in particular may become tripping hazards and trees and plants placed in certain areas can impede the line of sight for pedestrians and people driving cars.

Council appreciates that residents may want to beautify their street by planting trees and shrubs on the footpath, however, it is advised not to do this.

When Council plants trees on the footpath, the hole is excavated to a depth twice that of the trees root ball and triple its diameter.  Terracottem is thoroughly mixed into the soil and the tree is then staked for strength whilst it is taking root.  Care is taken to ensure trees are not planted near driveways or in areas where the tree may become a future hazard.

Street Tree Planting Species Selection 
There are many factors which affect the selection of street trees - to find out more view the Street Tree Planting Species Selection Fact Sheet

Trimming Trees on Footpaths Council trims trees located on council property such as footpaths.  Under no circumstances are members of the public allowed to trim trees on footpaths or other council property.  Inexperienced trimming could lead to weakened branches or the removal of the top of the tree which may lead to death and removal of the tree.

Residents are asked to lodge a tree trimming request so that Parks & Gardens staff may inspect the tree and determine the appropriate course of action.  Council has a schedule of maintenance for tree trimming and tree removal and it may take up to three months for requests to be attended to as part of this schedule.

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