Confidential Items Register

Confidential Items Register

Section 90 of the Local Government Act 1999 details the provisions for when a Council or Committee may order that the public be excluded from attendance at a meeting for the purposes of receiving, discussing or considering in confidence information relevant to section 90(3) of the Act.  The Council or Committee may also order that some or all of the documents associated with the item also be kept confidential.  In the event that this occurs, the Council or Committee must also specify the duration of the order or the circumstances in which the order will cease to apply, or a period after which the order must be reviewed.

Council reviews its confidentiality orders annually and also provides delegated power to its Chief Executive Officer to revoke orders as required.    Council's Code of Practice - Access to Council and Committee meetings and associated documents provides further information

Council has two registers one for items retained in confidence and one for items that are released.

Confidential Items Retained Register updated

Confidential Items Released Register

Copies of released reports that have not yet been posted to the website are available upon enquiry from Executive Officer, Ros Kruger.