Council's Role Statement

Council's Role

Council use the following role statements to guide decision making and to ensure delivery is focused on Council responsibilities.

Council is currently providing full or majority of resources for a service

Council is currently outsourcing all or a majority of a service through either Public Private Partnership (PPP) or other model

Council is currently contributing minority/part resourcing for a service for which others have responsibility

Council is required by legislation to provide a specific service

Council providing a service on behalf of, and funded by, others that involves hosting or other in-kind use of council resources

Council owning or managing infrastructure, facilities, reserves and natural areas

Council providing information on, or strategically promoting, community services, opportunities, events, people and places

Council bringing together or connecting stakeholders to pursue an issue, or who are able to apply influence to an issue, or funding/investment/resources to a service, project or area

Council will undertake actions and publicly show their support in an attempt to influence decisions within the political, economic, and social systems and institutions