Help keep our community graffiti-free:

Council is committed to working together with our community to ensure our centres, streets and public spaces are safe, inviting and support a positive image of our city.  Council supports our community to be actively involved in a shared-approach to graffiti management.

How can you help?

Community members can report graffiti via:

Community members are also encouraged to join Council’s amazing team of Graffiti Removal Volunteers:

Council’s team of Graffiti Removal Volunteers will remove graffiti from public areas and does not charge for this service.  In some instances where the Graffiti Removal Volunteers are not able to remove the graffiti (eg: if the removal process may result in damage to the property, or if the graffiti is not easily accessible), then the property owner will be responsible for graffiti removal, and may need to engage the services of a private contractor.


Customer Service 08 8539 1100