Sport & Recreation Grants

There are many opportunities for sport and recreation grants.

The most common are listed below.

Recreation and Sport Grants

Murray Bridge is a highly sport and recreation oriented city which has an active involvement from residents and visitors in a number of diverse sporting clubs and recreational pursuits.  Sport and recreation provides vitality to the city and contributes to the social fabric of Murray Bridge for many residents.  Murray Bridge is the regional centre of the Murraylands and as such, provides regional sport and recreational opportunities to the district.

The Council recognises that there are significant benefits to being physically active and enjoying sport and recreation pursuits.  These include increased quality of life, community involvement, environmental and economic benefits.  Volunteers are the champions of many sport and recreation activities, and without them many clubs and recreation infrastructure would not survive.

The aim of the Murray Bridge Sport and Recreation Facilities Guidelines is to improve the quality and availability of sporting facilities provided in the Murray Bridge Local Government area by developing a holistic approach for the planned and staged development of suitable sport and recreation facilities for Murray Bridge.

The guideline and funding program is intended to:

  • enable the development of quality sport and recreation facilities across the Rural City of Murray Bridge

  • ensure adequate facilities to cater for anticipated population growth; and

  • encourage increased participation in sport and recreation activities

Applications can be submitted at any time but will be considered by Council's Sport and Recreation Advisory Group at meetings scheduled approximately every three months or when required.  Applications must be received a minimum of two weeks before a meeting to be considered.

Sport and Recreation Facilities Grant Application Form

Office for Recreation and Sport

Funding is available through the Office for Recreation & Sport to help organisations and individuals provide high quality active recreation and sport facilities, programs and activities.


Kevin Heyndyk
Team Leader Youth Sport & Recreation
08 8539 1127