Environment and Sustainability

The Rural City of Murray Bridge, together with our communities, recognise the need to care for our environment and is committed to the protection and enhancement of our natural resources.

Council is working with the community and government stakeholders to develop strategies to sustainably manage our water resources, and ways to reduce our reliance on the Murray River.

Management Plans

To assist Council and its communities to better understand and protect our natural environment, Council has prepared Management Plans to identify the means and the tools required to move forward in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Environmental Management Plan that will articulate our environmental vision, establish targets and actions for the region in the areas of climate change adaptations, water management, waste management and natural resource management

Integrated Water Management Plan for Murray Bridge and the surrounding towns of Callington, Mypolonga, Wellington and Jervois identifies the most sustainable mix of water supply solutions for the community through the consideration and incorporation of all water sources including reticulated mains water, rainwater, stormwater, groundwater, wastewater and recycled water.

These plans and strategies include actions designed to reduce environmental impacts associated with Council and our community through demonstration, advocacy and partnership.

Climate Change Adaptation Plan 2016-2021