Annual Business Plan and Budget

Annual Business Plan and Budget

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The Annual Business Plan links our strategic management plans with our budget planning process to ensure that we maximise the use of our available resources to achieve the best possible mix of services, infrastructure and facilities for our communities each financial year.

The Annual Business Plan actions and budget are developed in the context of delivering Council’s strategic priorities; it sets out the Council’s proposed program of services, functions and projects for the financial year.We are committed to ensuring that we deliver services and programs aligned with our Community Plan 2016-2032 in an effective, sustainable, responsive and transparent manner that reflects our values.

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2020-2021 Annual Business Plan and Budget

The Annual Business Plan and Budget 2020-21 was adopted by Council at the meeting held 9 June 2020.

The plan represents the first year of delivery of our Strategic Plan 2020-2024 and is instrumental in achieving our Community Plan 2016-2032 aspiration of Thriving Communities.

This plan is focused on the implementation of strategies endorsed by the current Council and includes proposed allocations to progress the Riverfront Strategy, Public Toilet Strategy, Playspace Strategy, Footpath Expansion Strategy and continues this Council’s commitment to the beautification of our Town Entrances.

This ongoing investment in new and existing infrastructure is demonstrated by our Capital Program of $14.1m which includes $7.0m in new works. Council’s ongoing commitment to financial sustainability delivers this significant investment through the planned return of an operating surplus under-pinned by a modest increase in rates.

The Annual Business Plan demonstrates our intent to continue to deliver quality services, maintain financial accountability, sustainability and work with our communities.

The following Let's Talk Program Information Sheets are included as reference to information provided during the consultation process.

We have budgeted to spend $45.8 million in 2020-21. This includes $31.1 million on Services and Key Projects, $14.7 million on new assets and significant upgrades through Capital Projects.

Budgeted Operational Expenditure 2020-21