Waste and Recycling

South Australia will be implementing circuit breaker restrictions from 12:01 am Thursday, 19 November 2020 for the next 6 days aiming to stop the spread of COVID-19 in our State.

Waste and recycling collection services will continue

AHRWMA Resource Recovery Centres (Transfer Stations) will be closed to the public.

Scheduled Free Greens days are cancelled

Waste Management

Waste management encompasses all activities and services that revolve around collecting, disposing and reducing waste. In dealing with waste management, Council seeks to use the most effective technologies and methods available while also striving to protect environmental and public health.

Council aims to provide an environmentally sustainable waste management system including:
* Strategic direction of waste management services;
* Domestic and commercial waste collection;
* Provision of landfill & transfer station sites; and
* Education and information.

Into the Future

Council’s waste management focus into the future will involve;

  • Meeting EPA expectations in regards to historic landfills and Brinkley Landfill;
  • In conjunction with AHRWMA establish the Brinkley Transfer Station as a key resource recovery facility;
  • Investigate and implement options as they become available to increase recycling and reduce waste to landfill;
  • Manage waste contracts effectively and investigate options to improve the efficiency of these contracts into the future;
  • Implement a waste policy to ensure services are being managed accordingly, with an aim to improve efficiency of those services and reduce costs to Council;
  • Utilise the services of AHRWMA as and when available to improve efficiencies by achieving economies of scale and collaborate regionally;
  • Participate in programs and obtain funding as and when available to offer residents improved and/or additional services; and
  • Ensure Council is compliant with the EPA’s Environment Protection Waste to Resources Policy, including meeting requirements for landfill bans, when they are initiated under this policy.

Waste management costs for Council are likely to increase into the future, as a result of increasing costs for disposal due to the waste disposal levy and increasing legislative requirements.