Expiation Notices

What can I do if I have received an Expiation Notice for parking?

The Council regularly monitors parking within the Rural City of Murray Bridge to ensure:

  • The safety of the community;
  • The avoidance of traffic congestion; and
  • Regular turn-over of car parking spaces to ensure access is available to shops, offices and other facilities.

You will receive an Expiation Notice for parking if your vehicle has been observed parked in such a manner that it breaches the relevant parking restrictions.

Once you have received an Expiation Notice, you have the option to request a review through the Council should you feel that there is a valid reason why the Expiation Notice should not have been issued, or if you feel it has been issued in error.

Review of an Expiation Notice

If you would like to request a review of an Expiation Notice, please complete this form

The form should contain all of the relevant information to support your case (including photographs if you think they may be relevant). Any information you cannot reasonably fit on the form can be attached.

The form and accompanying information are required to be lodged in the form of a Statutory Declaration (there is a section of the form which requires the signature of a Justice of the Peace).

The form can be lodged at the front counter of the Local Government Centre (2 Seventh Street, Murray Bridge) or may be emailed to records@murraybridge.sa.gov.au.

What happens to my Request to Review an Expiation Notice once it is lodged with the Council?

The request and all supporting information will be forwarded to three Officers within the Council who all complete a separate and individual review of the Expiation Notice. The three Officers are:

  • A Compliance Officer from Council’s Regulation Team
  • Team Leader Regulation
  • Manager Development & Regulation

Once the review is complete, you will be advised of the outcome in writing.

What happens if the Review of my Expiation Notice is successful? 

The Expiation Notice will be withdrawn. No further action or payment will be required to be made. The matter is then finalised.

(Please note if the Expiation Notice was issued to you in error and you nominate another person as being responsible for management of the vehicle at the time, the Expiation Notice may be issued to the nominated person. The nominated person is then able to request a review of the Expiation Notice should they choose to do so).

What happens if the Review of my Expiation Notice is unsuccessful?

The Expiation Notice will remain valid. At this point, there are three options.

You can choose to:

  1. Pay the Expiation Notice in full by the due date.
  2. Refuse to pay the Expiation Notice by the due date.

    It should be noted that pursuing this course of action will result in late fees being added to the outstanding amount. Should payment still not be forthcoming, the Expiation Notice will be forwarded to the State Government’s Fines Enforcement Recovery Unit for further follow up and action.

    Please note the Fines Enforcement Recovery Unit has significant powers, including the ability to seize assets, should payment not be made.
  3. Elect to be prosecuted for the offence.
    Should you choose this option the Council will prepare and lodge prosecution proceedings against you in the Magistrates Court. You, or a representative on your behalf, will be required to appear in the Court to defend your case.

    It is recommended that if you choose to pursue this option you seek independent legal advice.

Further information in relation to each of these options is provided on the rear of the Expiation Notice. If you require information other than that provide on the Expiation Notice you can contact Council’s Compliance Officers on 8539 1100 or records@murraybridge.sa.gov.au