The Rural City of Murray Bridge identifies financial and non–financial measures to ensure our performance can be assessed against stated objectives. Included in the regular schedule of reports are:

  • Monthly financial reports to Council
  • Quarterly financial reviews to Council and the Audit Committee
  • Regular reporting to the Audit Committee on key areas of financial planning, management, and performance, risk management, emergency management and business continuity
  • An Annual Report
  • Quarterly progress reporting against the Annual Business Plan to Council.


The Annual Report is a comprehensive report of Council’s activities throughout the preceding year. It is intended to give the community information about Council’s delivery against the Annual Business Plan as well as Council’s Financial Statements.

The Annual Report is produced in November each year and provides material and reports on specific matters in accordance with Schedule 4 of the Local Government Act 1999.

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You can also download previous annual reports from the National Libraries Archive via the Trove website, click here to access


As part of our commitment to community engagement, Council has developed this newsletter to keep residents in touch with Council services, events, major projects and engagement opportunities.

The newsletter is distributed every three months to households and businesses within the Council area in January, April, July and October – you can also pick up a copy at the Local Government Centre or the Murray Bridge Library.

Get your information from the source at any time by visiting Council’s website, Let’s Talk or follow us on Facebook.

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In addition to the above Council prepares a Quarterly Progress Report against its Annual Business Plan.

The Quarterly Progress Report forms a key component of the Council’s reporting framework. The report is presented to Elected Members at Council meetings every three months in February, May, August and November – you can also pick up a copy at the Local Government Centre or the Murray Bridge Library

The Progress and Performance by Theme details includes the progress reporting for all projects including expenditure. In addition to project progress the report includes operational expenditure and performance reporting against defined indicators.

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The Quarterly Financial Review provides analysis of our actual financial performance over the previous quarter period compared to the approved budget. Analysis of the approved budget compared to the proposed budget and analysis of the impacts of review and other financial decisions made during the quarter.

Regular monitoring of expenditure is essential; not just to verify expenditure against budget but also to identify changing patterns or circumstances that need corrective action. The Monthly Financial Performance Reports are the tool Council uses to monitor and manage the budget and ensure we are staying on track.

The Quarterly Financial Reports are located as an appendix to the Quarterly Progress Report see above to get the latest copy.


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You can access prior Annual Reports and Quarterly Progress Reports online via the Trove website Logo

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