Interactive Map User Information

Interactive Map User Information


This service has been designed to provide residents with information regarding council services and activities in an easy to use map format.  Different types of activities are colored differently for easy reference.  Just select the area you are interested in (by searching, zooming or clicking as detailed below) and the relevant information will appear to the left of the screen.


You can find a specific location by using the top left hand side feature to search by:

Postcode (eg. 5259)

Name of place (eg. Sturt Reserve)

Address (eg. 2 Seventh Street Murray Bridge)


At the bottom left hand side (+) and (–) enables you to zoom in and out.  You can also scroll with mouse to zoom in and out and it is touch screen zoom compatible.


Once found clicking on a highlighted area or road will display additional information on the left hand side.  The current information will display at the top and Proposed Works Program will be expandable at the bottom if applicable.  The proposed works program is based on the current Annual Business Plan.  Contact council direct on 85391100 for further information regarding dates of proposed works.

Expandable Menu

Top right hand side stack of paper icon lists all of the map layers available.




Proposed works program

Recreation (Park Amenities / Facilities and Services)

Services (Waste Collections Zoning)

Land Allotments

Parks and Reserves


These individual layers are able to be turned on and off by ticking the boxes on the right hand side


Top right hand side cog icon is for an extended help menu

Additional information can be sought on a range of help topics related to the mapping program.

Current Coordinates can be displayed for a selected location in (X-Y) or Longitude and Latitude

Languages – The information can be displayed in a range of different languages choosen from a drop down menu.