Stormwater Management and Reuse Scheme

Stormwater Management and Reuse Scheme

The Murray Bridge Stormwater Management and Reuse Scheme was built to provide an alternative, secure and sustainable source of water supply to the Rural City of Murray Bridge.

The Scheme harvests stormwater from eight basins and wetlands across Murray Bridge and transports it to a lined lagoon at Gifford Hill for long term storage.  When needed for irrigation, raw stormwater is pumped from the lagoon to the new treatment plant on Old Swanport Road, from which the treated stormwater is transported via distribution pumps and pipelines to the City's irrigation System.

SCHEME OVERVIEWThe Scheme was delivered by the Rural City of Murray Bridge, in partnership with the Australian Government, the Murray Bridge Racing Club and the Gifford Hill Joint Venture.  The total budget of $14.23 million was supported through $7.115 million of funding from the Australian Government's National Urban Wate rand Desalination Plan, to match the co-contribution from Council and in kind works from the Gifford Hill Joint Venture.  The Scheme was completed on time and within budget, and with an impeccable safety record.

The Australian Government funding agreement required the Scheme to decrease reliance on the River Murray and reduce potable water demand by up to 172 ML annually.  Through careful planning, design and management the yield from the Scheme is expected to be approximately 230 ML annually, based on average rainfall in Murray Bridge.  Of this 230 ML, the irrigation demand supplied is expected to comprise 110ML of water use by Council and 60 ML of water use from the Murray Bridge Racing Club and the Murray Bridge Golf Club.

The Scheme has also made provision for the connection of future pump stations at the Newbridge (Old Racecourse) and Gifford Hill development sites.  Once these pump stations are installed and the developments are completed, the total harvestable volume of the Scheme may exceed 700 ML annually.

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