Murray Park Cemetery

Murray Park Cemetery is the original Murray Bridge Cemetery and contains burials of historical significance. The first Burial took place on February 17 1885.

The Cemetery was closed on August 19 1886 - because under the shallow surface was a thick bed of limestone which made grave digging an arduous job. Blasting had to be carried out in order to break through the limestone.

Unfortunately due to the age of the Cemetery, headstones are largely unreadable and grave sites no longer clearly defined. Visitors to this cemetery today, however, are able to view a dedicated monument which lists recorded burials in the Cemetery.

The nineteen recorded burials in this Cemetery are listed below.

Joseph Phillips 6 months 17.02.1885
Hugo R. Schlichlick 11 weeks 09.04.1885
Henry R. Anderson 3 years 10.06.1885
Christopher Morey 3 years 10.06.1885
Stillborn to M. McKeough   26.09.1885
Jane McKeough 30 years 28.09.1885
A. W. G. M. Mobbs 9 weeks 20.10.1885
Samuel Giddings 6 months 23.10.1885
Lena B. Rolfe 5 months  
Edith Murray 8 months 17.12.1885
P. H. E. Pike 6 months 28.12.1885
Jergin Johannisson child 29.12.1885
J. D Goulding 32 years 13.01.1886
Millicent Watts 6 months 07.02.1886
Mrs Kelly   
William R. Bell 4 years 28.04.1886
Mary Brennan 2 years 4.05.1886
1Mary Heusler 55 years 07.06.1886
Charles Fisher 21 years 30.06.1886
Stillborn   06.07.1886

The Murray Park Cemetery is located in a reserve of natural vegetation preserved for it's local environmental significance. To protect this vegetation there are no bikes allowed in the Cemetery or Surrounding park and dogs are only allowed if they are kept on leashes.


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Murray Park Cemetery

Lot 100 Thomas Street Murray Bridge SA 5253