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The Murray Bridge Skate Park is located at Sturt Reserve Road, Sturt Reserve Murray Bridge.  It was officially opened in 2008.  Since then skaters have flocked to hone their skills on the state of the art skating facility.

The Murray Bridge Skate Park tests the skills of skaters and BMX rider of all ages incorporating features such as a fun box, steps and blocks, seat grinds, transition run and flat ramp combinations.  But the skate park is not just a place for skaters.  It is a vibrant and exciting place that attracts spectators to watch the skills and energy of talented young people.

Murray Bridge Skate Park was designed with safety in mind and features such as viewing areas on Sturt Reserve Road and Charles Sturt Drive to ensure that skaters are highly visible to passers-by. Resulting in not only a well-designed skate facility but also an exciting and unique feature for the city.

Council's Youth Officer runs an annual "Skate Park Jam" during National Youth Week in April.

Council's Youth Action Committee have successfully advocated to Council for an extension of the Murray Bridge Skate Park.

In early 2016, several community workshops were held along with surveys and questionnaires and the consultation outcomes have informed the final concept design.

The extension design has accommodated a variety of skill levels while, at the same time, provided for natural progression of skills and continual challenge and development.

To ensure a central community space with comfort for users and spectators, the facility offers a number of social opportunities.  The provision of areas of refuge and shade throughout the day has also been considered.  Ongoing activation potential for community events and workshops is provided for.

The inclusion of time lights will be considered.  This will assist in activating the facility during the summer, to avoid the heat of the day and to maximise potential activation in the shorter days of the winter months.

An urban art wall was indicated as a priority item by participants, to broaden the skate park's profile into a wider youth facility with additional youth programs and also protect the site from south easterly winds.

The skate facility design has been integrated seamlessly with the existing skate park providing continuous flow between both old and new.

Consideration has been given to the physical and aesthetic links between the skate facility and the landscape in order to create a holistic integrated facility for use by the whole community.

An extension of the existing skate park offers the possibility of tying all of Sturt Reserve youth existing amenities together, creating an active hub for the Murray Bridge region.

Final Concept Design Report

SKATE PARK OPENING - Registration Form 


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