National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week 2020

It’s National Volunteer Week 18-24 May. The Rural City of Murray Bridge is so incredibly grateful for our volunteers who make our work possible. Even during these trying times our dedicated volunteers have been keeping our Murray Bridge community connected, clean and safe. We truly have the best volunteers! Thank you.

Below our Volunteer Supervisors reflect on the valuable contributions of our Volunteers to Murray Bridge.

If you are interested in becoming a Murray Bridge Council Volunteer, visit our Current Volunteer Opportunities page here

Welcoming visitors and providing wonderful customer service:

The Round House volunteers are wonderful Ambassadors for Murray Bridge - showcasing our heritage and encouraging visitors to explore the many activities on offer in our vibrant region.

The Round House volunteers each have unique life experiences and skill sets, which is a great opportunity for their individual personalities to come through in their tour guiding - visitors appreciate the personal touch.


The Round House volunteers help each other and share knowledge and skills. Volunteers undertake a variety of tasks according to their abilities and interests, including:

  • administration and database management
  • gardening and grounds maintenance
  • dusting and maintaining displays
  • tour guiding
  • Devonshire teas
  • Interactive activities
  • Historical research

Volunteers are encouraged to try something new, and to learn new skills through training and workshops.

Connect to Community:

Volunteering at the Round House is a great opportunity to find friends and connect with the community – volunteers bond through a shared passion of learning about the history of our township, inspiring each other to take the time to listen to and enjoy being part of our community.

Volunteers in the Community Care Program provide transport and social support to older people and younger people with disabilities in Murray Bridge.

Volunteers assist clients to attend medical appointments and essential shopping in the local area with use of your own vehicle or a designated program vehicle.  Volunteers also transport clients to specialist medical appointments in the Adelaide Hills area.

The program also organises social groups of older people participate in day trips and tours once a month, and assisted on the day by volunteers.

Even in the COVID 19 crisis volunteers are still helping to provide essential services to some of the most vulnerable in our community. The work of our volunteers has never been more important than now.

Volunteers not only provide an essential service, it is also a personalized one to one service to people who might otherwise go without. Volunteers are a vital link between our more vulnerable residents and the community.

I have never taken volunteers for granted, thanks to Covid 19 I have been granted the opportunity to see how many hands make light work and how important volunteering is to our mental health.

A city without trees isn’t fit for a dog (saying from a Treenet Symposium many years ago), without volunteers and the 2,500 seedlings grown this year where would our dogs go!!!

If you want to touch the past, touch a rock.  If you want to touch the present, touch a flower.  If you want to touch the future grow a plant and enhance our precious habitat.