Toora Reserve


Toora Reserve

Picnic Area
Lot 4 Off Kuchel Road &
Section 1181 Toora Road
Facilities Park

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Toora Reserve

Toora Reserve is comprised of two geographically separate pieces of riverfront land - one is a vegetated triangular shaped piece of land at the end of Toora Road and the other is a long thin stretch nearby which follows the curve of the Murray River.

This reserve is approved for houseboat mooring.

Toora Reserve is a public reserve and free for all members of the public to use.

To Hire Toora Reserve please complete an Application To Hire Council Facility form and submit at the Local Government Centre or mail to PO Box 421 MURRAY BRIDGE SA 5253.

Applicants will be invoiced upon approval.

Refer to Council's Fees & Charges for the relevant costs.


Barbara Gale

Contract Officer

08 8539 1130


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