Diamond Park


Diamond Park

Picnic Area Toilets
Section 1044 Bridge Street
Murray Bridge
Facilities Park

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Diamond Park

Diamond Park is a prominent landscaped reserve in the heart of Murray Bridge.

Features of the reserve include war memorial structures including a German Cannon from World War I, park bench seating, paved walkways and public toilets.

There is a wishing well at Diamond Park that was constructed to commemorate Queen Victoria's golden Jubliee in 1897.

This park received it's name in honour of gum trees planted in a diamond shape around a rotunda that once stood in the centre of the park.

This is a public reserve and free for all members of the public to use.

Due to the proximity of the park to a busy road ball games are not allowed.

To hire the reserve please complete an Application To Hire Council Facility form and submit at the Local Government Centre or mail to PO Box 421 MURRAY BRIDGE SA 5253

Applicants will be invoiced upon approval.

Refer to Council's Fees & Charges for the relevant costs.

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