Community Advisory Committee



The purpose of this Committee is to develop strategies for consideration by Council in relation to its budget and strategic planning processes in the following areas:

Arts - promotion

City safe - promotion of a safe and welcoming environment

Grant funding - community grants, events and donations

History - preservation and promotion

Multiculturalism - services required

Recreation - facilities sharing, future requirements

Tourism - promotion

Youth - activities and services required

The Community Advisory Committee has a Terms Of Reference.

Committee Membership

Membership of the committee is appointed by Council. 

The committee shall consist of eight voting members, being two Elected Members and six independent community members who demonstrate wide ranging interests and a passion for the Council area.

Agenda and Minutes

September 26 2017
.pdf CAC Agenda 26 September 2017 Agenda
.pdf CAC Minutes - 26 September 2017 Minutes
June 20 2017
.pdf CAC Agenda 20 June 2017 Agenda
.pdf CAC Minutes 20 June 2017 Minutes
March 21 2017
.pdf CAC Agenda - 21 March 2017 Agenda
.pdf CAC Minutes - 21 March 2017 Minutes
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