Youth Support Grants


Photograph Youth Support Grant Recipient Plays State NetballThe Rural City of Murray Bridge is committed to providing support for local young people to achieve their goals in State or National Sporting, academic or cultural pursuits. 

Download your Youth Support Grant Application Form here


To be eligible for a grant each applicants must:

* Be a resident of the Rural City of Murray Bridge

* Attend a primary, secondary or tertiary, institution fulltime and or be 12 to 25 years of age

* Be accepted to participate in a sporting, academic or cultural event, representing Australia or South Australia

* Complete a Youth Support Grant Application Form

* Be accompanied by a signed letter of notification (on official letterhead) from the respective State or National body or association stating the respective person has been selected to represent the State or Nation

Please Note

Applications will only be received prior to the event - no retrospective applications will be received.

Each grant is capped at $100 per person per year.

There are no grant rounds as this is an ongoing opportunity for young people in our community.


Paul Ankerson

Youth Officer

08 8539 1157

0438 282 747


Photograph Youth Support Grant  

Recipient Plays State Netball    

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