Phase 1 Construction


Phase 1 will be delivered in 2012 (between February and June) and includes the realignment and reconstruction of the intersections of Chauncey’s Line Road intersection and Garwood Road intersection with Ferries McDonald Road and the reconstruction of the section of Ferries McDonald Road which traverses the Ferries McDonald Conservation Park (approx. 2km).

The following plans show the layout of the intersections at Garwood Road & Chauncey’s Line Road.  To enable the intersection realignments, Council has negotiated an outcome that will see some private land (outside of the current road reserves), transferred to Council.

Chauncey’s Line Road Intersection ‘as it looks today’

Garwood Road intersection ‘as it looks today’

Sealing of road (Phase 1), is likely to occur later in 2012 (September/October 2012).

Construction of Phase 1 is expected to be delivered in three sub-phases, being the:

  • Construction of Chauncey’s Line Road/Ferries McDonald Road intersection
  • Construction of the section of road through Ferries McDonald Park
  • Construction of the Garwood Road/ Ferries McDonald Road intersection.

Construction of the road through the Conservation Park is likely to occur first.

It is not expected that the road will be impassable or closed to traffic at any time during construction of Phase 1 and property access will be maintained at all times.

Notwithstanding, patience is required as at times delays may be experienced by motorists, residents and property owners while construction is underway.


GHD Malleefowl Management Plan - February 2012(1761 kb)

Ferries McDonald CEMP Attachment 6 Rd Veg Manage Plan(1421 kb)

Ferries McDonald Attachment 10 Traffic Management Plan(5859 kb)

Ferries McDonald Attachment 11 Construction Program(791 kb)

Ferries McDonald Attachment 12 DTEI env construction(10024 kb)

Ferries McDonald Construction Environmental Management February 2012(1586 kb)

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