Building Rules


Building Rules Assessment

Building rules assessment is the second stage of the Development Approval process and involves the assessment of building plans for compliance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA), various Australian Standards, and other relevant Council and State requirements.

Building rules assessments involve the surveying of plans for compliance with the following matters:

  • Structural adequacy
  • Fire safety
  • Health and amenity
  • Energy efficiency
  • Access for people with disabilities

When lodging a Development Application you can elect to have your building rules assessment undertaken and approved by either a private building certifier or through council's Building Department

The Building Code of Australia is reviewed on an ongoing basis with amendments introduced depending on the impact they have on the safety, health, amenity and sustainability in the design, construction and performance of buildings.

State and Territory Variations and Additions

Each State’s and Territory’s legislation adopts the BCA subject to the variation or deletion of some of its provisions, or the addition of extra provisions. These variations, deletions and additions are contained in appendices to the BCA for each State and Territory.

The Building Code of Australia usually amended every year to contain the changes approved by The Australian Building Codes Board.

The Rural City of Murray Bridge uses checklists for the different classifications of the building based on the requirements of the Building Code of Australia to check applications lodged with Council (other than those privately Certified) requiring Development Building Rules Consent.

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A Building Officer is available to assist you with any enquiries during business hours.

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