Executive Leadership


Management and staff of the Rural City of Murray Bridge work for and on behalf of the community in response to the policies and directions set by Council's Elected Members.

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the overall administration of the Rural City of Murray Bridge and for ensuring policies, programs and services are delivered and implemented by staff.

Executive Leadership Team

The Chief Executive Officer has an Executive Team comprising of three General Managers in the areas of Sustainable Communities, Corporate Services and Assets & Infrastructure.

Michael Sedgman

Chief Executive Officer
08 8539 1174



 Michael Sedgman - Large 


Heather Barclay

General Manager Assets & Infrastructure
08 8539 1147



 Heather Barclay - Photo


Tim Vonderwall

General Manager Corporate Services
08 8539 1103



 Tim Vonderwall


Kristen Manson

General Manager Community Development
08 8539 1140





  K Manson

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