Audit Committee



Audit Committees are a required to be established under Section 126 Local Government Act 1999.

The Audit Committee reports direct to Council and is made up an Independent Chair and two independent members along with two Elected Members. The Audit Committee plays a critical role in reviewing the financial reporting framework, including the Annual Business Plan and Budget along with Council's Good Public Administration Framework, Risk Management Framework, Strategic Plan and receiving reports from Council's External and Internal Auditors. The Audit Committee has a terms of reference.

The Audit Committee has prepared the following work plan which has been endorsed by Council.

Meetings are held quarterly in the Mobilong Suite, Local Government Centre, 2 Seventh Street, Murray Bridge and commence at 1 pm

Further information can be obtained from Executive Officer on 85391407 or r.kruger@murraybridge.sa.gov.au

Dates for the Audit Committee in 2020 are:

Wednesday 26 February 2020

Wednesday 29 April 2020

Wednesday 2 September 2020 

Wednesday 2 December 2020






Agenda and Minutes

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