Planning Process


When is a Development Application required?

An application should be lodged every time you wish to undertake development. Development is defined in the legislation and refers to a range of activities associated with building work, changes to land use, advertising signs, land divisions and community title divisions etc. It may be a small domestic structure or a larger commercial project, but an application is necessary either case.

For example, generally speaking an outbuilding (ie shed) that is ancillary to a dwelling, has a total floor area not exceeding 15 square metres, has no span exceeding 3 metres and has no part higher than 2.5 metres and meets the minimum setback requirements, does not require development approval.

The best way to find out if you require development approval is to check with one of Council's Development Assessment Officers.

How long will it take to get approval?

Approval for development applications generally takes up to eight weeks providing all the relevant information has been supplied with the application and the application does not need to be referred to any Government agencies or requires public notification. Applications that need to be referred to Government agencies or require public notification can take up to 4 to 6 months to approve.


A duty planner is available to assist you with any enquiries during business hours.

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