Thiele Reserve Bank Reclamation & Stabilisation Project

Boat ramp will remain open during January works.

THIELE Reserve will undergo significant restoration works in January to protect and preserve this magnificent riverside treasure for future generations.

The Thiele Reserve Bank Reclamation and Stabilisation Project will improve riverfront access and amenity as part of Council's larger Riverfront Strategy Implementation Works program for 2018/19.

The project scope will include reclaiming and stabilising the existing bank, which has been degraded by riverbank slumping and wake erosion over recent years.

This will include placement of specialised sandbags to create a new and reclaimed bank.

The reclaimed bank will feature a slope designed for ski boats and jet skis on the downstream side of the boat ramp, with a steeper slope on the upstream side of the boat ramp for houseboats. These changes will include additional areas for mooring and enhance the experience for all reserve users.

Project construction work will begin on Monday 19 January and finish on Saturday 9 March 2019.

While the timing of construction work may not seem ideal from a seasonal perspective, the loss of any further bank to erosion is not considered to be an outcome the community, users and site can tolerate.

The boat ramp will remain open on weekends and work will be delivered in staged approach to allow access to areas upon completion of sections to minimise any inconvenience.

It is important to undertake this work as soon as practically possible following planning and tender approval to ensure any further erosion is minimised.

For more information regarding the project please contact The Rural City of Murray Bridge on 8539 1100

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