REMINDER - Dog Registration

REMINDER - Dog Registration

Dog registration is a very important part of dog ownership. If your dog accidentally escapes your yard, its registration tag allows Animal Management Officers access to the owner’s details for a quick and safe return home.

Each year the Rural City of Murray Bridge sends out dog registration renewals. The renewal is sent with a numbered tag that is colour coded for the particular year - this year it is yellow.

Once the registration is paid the dog is registered for the financial year, a requirement of State Government Law under the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995.

Some residents may have not paid the fee for the registration of their dog. This may be for a variety of reasons including:

  • A family may have thought someone else has paid the registration;
  • Other bills have taken priority.

The Council will be sending out reminders this week to those persons that have not paid their dog registration.

Council Officers are now equipped with mapping systems that indicate where unregistered dogs reside. Following the value of expiation fees being increased by the State Government, if your registration hasn’t been paid, you may be issued with an Expiation Notice with an applicable financial penalty of $170 under the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995. .

If you receive a reminder, please make every effort to have the dog registration fee paid to avoid an inspection from Council’s Animal Management Officers.  

For people that have recently obtained a new dog, Council offers a friendly reminder that all dogs over the age of three months must be registered. New registrations do not have additional fees applied.


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