Tourism means business. Indeed it is everyone’s business because the benefits of tourism will spread across the community. Official figures demonstrate that for every tourism dollar spent a further 91 cents is spent in the wider community. The multiplier effect of tourism is greater than other industries including mining (1.67), retail trade (1.80) and education and training (1.38). Tourism has always been a part of the Murray River, Lakes & Coorong in 2010/11 approximately $86 million is spent by tourists each year in the region and tourism has the potential to help with economic recovery for the region.

The Rural City of Murray Bridge understands the economic and social benefits of tourism and is a key partner in the regions recognised tourism body, Murraylands Tourism Partnership (MTP). Formed in 2011 to work in collaboration with the South Australian Tourism Commission, the Murraylands Tourism Partnership employs a Tourism Development Manager who provides a local point of contact for the tourism industry, provides direct advice and refer enquirers to relevant resources, identifies and leverages partnership opportunities and links tourism policies and plans to achieve sustainable strategic outcomes for the region.

Tourism to the Murray River is predicted to grow 40% over the next 10 years (to Dec 2020), with the opportunity to increase growth by 68%, by focusing on the strategies and actions in our first 4 years, as outlined within the Plan.

This vision will be achieved by focusing on the following priorities from the South Australian Tourism plan 2009 – 2014, which will create a significant difference in the growth of the Murray River, Lakes & Coorong tourism industry:

* Improve access to and within the region

* Enhance distribution and build industry capability

* Leverage the attraction of events and festivals

* Develop new and refreshed signature experiences

* Encourage infrastructure development by upgrading and developing special places and spaces

* Better communicate the best of what the core target market wants to buy

Leadership is required to encourage collaboration and to ensure that the region is cohesive in tourism direction and activities. The Rural City of Murray Bridge in collaboration with the Murraylands Tourism Partnership encourages industry to link into the resources and support provided by contacting the regions Tourism Development Manager and the corporate website of the South Australian Tourism Commission:

To build a united and consistent regional tourism brand, we encourage you to use the brand and logo identity kit for the region to help promote your business, the region and reinforce the quality, iconic region of the Murray River, Lakes & Coorong.

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