Bridge Street Refresh

Bridge Street is in for a refresh! 

Implementation works for Stage 1 of the Bridge Street Refresh project are now underway in preparation for the installation of new banner poles, feature lighting and Christmas decorations (prior to the 2018 Murray Bridge Christmas Pageant). 

Works scheduled for the beginning of October will focus on decluttering the street. 

Step 1 will include the removal of: 
* old (retired) banner poles
* redundant (old) street furniture 
* old wodden planter boxes and 
* reconfiguring electrical cables. 

Step 2 will include: 
* construction of new footing for new banner poles - noting banner poles have been ordered and are due for delivery before 19 October 2018
* installation of the new banner poles after 22 October 2018
* installation of new "Banners" first week of November 2018. 

Once banner poles are installed, and prior to the Christmas Pageant, new Christmas decorations will be installed including (but not limited to): 
* balls and garland structures along the street
* fairy lights at specific locations and in trees
* wrapping of general waste bins with Christmas message and
* exisiting and fit for purpose lit decorations will adorn light poles in Sixth Street. 

The Town Hall will also be decorated but with a new garland using the existing large wreath. 

A new element this year will be the feature lighting of four large gum trees, including branches, and the uplighting of other gum trees along the Bridge Street median strip. 

All works, including the installation of all Christmas Decorations are expected to be completed by 1 November 2018. 
Work is expected to be undertaken with minimal disruption; however some traffic restrictions will apply for short periods of time to install features on the median (temporary one-lane closures that do not block the road but retain one lane for traffic movement). 

Preparation for Christmas Decoration will involve some minor excavation on the footpath but will not impact on pedestrian movements up and down the street. 

For more information about the project please contact Manager City Infrastructure Matt James on 8539 1160 or email 

To view the Christmas decoration planning for Bridge Street click here. 

Detailed refresh works are outlined below, items to be removed are highlighted in yellow. 

Bridge Street Refresh Image 1.jpg

Bridge Street Refresh Image 2.jpg

Bridge Street Refresh Image 3.jpg

Bridge Street Refresh Image 4.jpg

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