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Business Grants Now Available

A helping hand for businesses in Murray Bridge’s Central Business District has been extended by Council in the form of a new grants program.

The objective is to make the Rural City of Murray Bridge the focus of South Australia’s regional economic growth, delivering opportunity, resilience and an enviable lifestyle that attracts and retains skilled and innovative people and businesses.

Michael Sedgman; the Chief Executive Officer; has been delegated the authority to award Building Enhancement Grants of up to a maximum of $5,000 per application, to eligible businesses and properties within the Rural City of Murray Bridge.

A total of $40,000 in grant funding has been allocated for the 2019-20 financial year to enable property owners and/or business proprietors to repaint, renew, repair and enhance building frontages, verandas, signage and more.

An additional $12,000 has been allocated to curate vacant premises’ windows with image wraps and other treatments to showcase positive community messages - while ensuring property agents can still advertise premises availability.

Grant Management Guidelines outline detailed criteria to ensure applicants demonstrate alignment with Council’s Strategic Plan priorities, adherence to terms and conditions, and the use of qualified tradespeople with appropriate licenses for any work undertaken.

Any works funded by the scheme requiring development approval will be dealt with expediently.

The success of the new grants program, any development approvals submitted as a result and activation of the Central Business District, will be reviewed by Council at a later date to evaluate the impact.

Building Enhancement Grant application forms and Grant Management Guidelines can be accessed here:

Building Enhancement Grant Application Form

Building Enhancement Grant Management Guideline


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