Town Hall Hiring Policy

The Hirer shall accept full responsibility for the safety of all persons associated with the function, including organisers, participants, guests and non-associated persons who pass through the area during the hire period.

If alcohol is being served, the Hirer is responsible for arranging for responsible people to dispense drinks and Security Guards may be required to control the behaviour of patrons. As the Town Hall is located in a Dry Zone, alcohol cannot be consumed outside of the building.

The Hirer shall be responsible for the payment of fees to emergency services for call-outs as a result of the Hirer’s guests or visitors setting off any alarm accidentally or negligently.

The Hirer shall promptly comply with any directions given by any of the Murray Bridge Town Hall’s authorised officers.

Smoking is not permitted in any area of the building or within 4 metres of all entrances.

Confetti, rice, glitter and similar throw-away materials are not permitted inside the building or near entrances. Gas filled balloons used inside the building must be anchored and not released at any time.

Fireworks and open flames, including candles, are not permitted in the building.

Nails, screws or any other fastenings must not be used on walls, floors, furniture or fittings.

The hanging of streamers, flags, bunting or other decorations and/or the erection of any other structures must be approved by Town Hall management prior to the event.

The Hirer will be responsible for the cost of making good any damage caused to the building, furniture, fittings or equipment arising out of and in the course of his or her hire.

The Hirer must leave the facility in a clean condition, and remove all goods, properties or materials brought in by the Hirer. The Hirer is responsible for removing all rubbish from the facility. Management reserves the right to charge an extra fee for any extra costs incurred for cleaning and/or the collection and disposal of waste associated with the conduct of a booked event.

All electrical equipment or instruments brought onto the premises must be tested and tagged to AS 3760 & 3012 requirement.

Where amplified sound is required for an event, the Hirer shall ensure compliance with the current Noise Control Act.  Noise from the facility must not be audible within any habitable room between the hours of 12 midnight and 8.00am.

Hiring of any part of the building is on the understanding that other parts of the building may be simultaneously hired by other groups.


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