Tim Overall Reserve

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Facility type: Park
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Tim Overall Reserve

Tim Overall Reserve is a fenced and lawned reserve featuring play equipment that includes a seesaw, slippery dip and monkey bars.

Tim Overall Reserve has also been declared a designated Dog Off Leash Area.

To hire the reserve please complete an Application to Hire Council Reserve form and submit at the Local Government Centre or post to PO Box 421 MURRAY BRIDGE SA 5253.

Applicants will be invoiced upon approval.

Refer to Council's Fees & Charges for relevant costs.

Dog Off Leash Parks Rules & Regulations

Any dog running off leash in any area that is not in the company of a person is wandering at large and will be seized and impounded by Council Compliance Officers.

It should be remembered that the person exercising the dog is still responsible for the dog's actions and the dog whether on or off leash must be under effective control at all times (Maximum of two (2) dogs per handler). All dogs either on or off leash are required to be identified by collar and current registration disc.

It is the responsibility of the person in control of the dog to clean up after their animal. Doggy-do bag dispensers are available for public use at several locations in Murray Bridge but owners should also carry a bag with them in case of bags not being available.

Dogs must be on a leash when entering and exiting the dog off leash areas and handlers must be 16 years or older or accompanied by an adult.

Persons in control of the dog(s) must fill in any holes dug by their dog(s).

No other animals except dogs are permitted in these areas.

Dogs showing signs of aggression in these areas must be restrained on a leash and removed by the handler immediately.

Dogs must be in full view of the handler at all times.

Users of the designated areas do so at their own risk. The Rural City of Murray Bridge shall not be liable for any injury or damage caused by any dog(s) in Dog Off Leash Areas.


Customer Service

08 8539 1100


Photograph Tim Overall Reserve Panorama
Getting there:
Lot 41 Janice Street
Murray Bridge SA 5253