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The Murray Bridge Skate Park is located at Sturt Reserve Road Sturt Reserve, Murray Bridge. It was officially opened in 2018. Since then skaters have flocked to hone their skills on the state of the art skating facility.

The Murray Bridge Skate Park tests the skills of skaters and BMX riders of all ages incorporating features such as a funbox, steps and blocks, seat grinds, transition run and flat ramp combinations. But the skate park is not just a place for skaters. It is a vibrant and exciting place that attracts spectators to watch the skills and energy of talented young people.

Murray Bridge Skate Park was designed with safety in mind and features such as viewing areas on Sturt Reserve Road and Charles Sturt Drive to ensure that skaters are highly visible to passers-by. The result is not only a well-designed skate facility, but also an exciting and unique feature for the city.

Council's Youth Office runs skating events throughout the year.


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Skate Park Bowl
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