Valued Environment

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Valued Environment

Developing the environment

During 2020-2024 we will develop our environment using a people centred approach, through identifying and facilitating a range of new infrastructure and renewal activities that contribute to the diversity and culture of the places we develop and enhance. Ensuring we build spaces that promote thriving communities through community health, happiness and well being, whilst adhering to our identity maintaining and enhancing our natural assets, heritage and country lifestyle.

Community Consultation Focus Areas

  • Boat Ramps and river access
  • Beautified places and spaces
  • Historical preservation and promotion
  • Natural assets and greening
  • River sustainability and water protection
  • Sustainable services
  • Town entrances are enhanced and beautified
  • Provide a cohesive identity throughout our city and townships
  • Improved connectivity and accessibility through expansion of footpath networks, cycling and walking trails
  • Increase patronage and usability of parks and gardens through creation of safe and welcoming spaces
  • Historically significant assets both built and natural are featured and their significance captured and enhanced
  • Enhance community facilities to improve accessibility and suitability to support our community organisations and activities
  • Locations are identified to support planning for future large community infrastructure projects
  • Identify spaces for future housing growth
  • Ability to accommodate future commercial and industrial needs
  • River accessibility is improved with boat ramps, pontoons and docking areas for ferries and boats
  • Establish an active riverfront at Sturt Reserve that provides opportunities for nature play, accommodation, recreation, tourism and water
  • Develop and promote water recreational trails providing linkages with townships, land based trails and community spaces that encourage engagement with nature
  • Build and promote a shared understanding of river protection processes, river ecology and water security with our communities
  • Further reduce dependence on traditional water supplies through introduction of sustainable practices and alternative sources of water such as stormwater harvesting and reuse and rainwater
  • Waste is managed through a variety of programs that encourage waste reduction, redirection and reuse of recycled materials
  • Respond to climate change emergency through development and implementation a of climate change action plan
  • Continue to reduce dependence on traditional power supply with more sustainable electrical supply such as solar panels on all community assets
  • Enhance, protect and restore local biodiversity, remnant and native vegetation

Community Plan 2016-32 Objectives

  • Great places for people
  • Activate the river
  • Clean environmentally sustainable communities

Associated strategies and masterplans

  • The Riverfront Strategy
  • Sturt Reserve Masterplan
  • Roadside Vegetation Management Plan
  • Environmental Management Plan
  • Biodiversity Strategy
  • Climate Change Adaptation Plan
  • Open Space Strategy
  • Oval masterplans
  • Playspace Strategy
  • Public Toilet Strategy
  • Trail Strategy
  • Tree Management Framework
  • Wayfinding and Signage Strategy