Great People and Lifestyle

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Great People and Lifestyles

Delivery focused community services

During 2020-2024 we will focus on delivering services and programs that enable our community to actively engage and participate in the world around them.

We will ensure we maintain the uniqueness and country lifestyle while modernising and taking advantage of expected growth that will enable our community to thrive.

Community Consultation Focus Areas

  • Community Recreation and Facilities
  • Riverfront, trails and open space activation
  • Community health and safety
  • Public art and arts development
  • Planning policies that facilitate appropriate development
  • Youth activities and programs
  • Maintain a country lifestyle while growing and modernising the city centre through planning policies reflective of our communities desire
  • Ensure inclusion of affordable and accessible housing through sustainable management of development
  • Deliver contemporary Council services, taking advantage of technology advances and updated service provision methods
  • Provide public art in identified locations that enhance and enrich the amenity of the spaces
  • Encourage renowned artists to exhibit their works
  • Deliver local arts development programs for all ages
  • Encourage high class theatrical performances and support local production programs to continue to thrive
  • Support live music, provide music production facilities and music development programs for all ages
  • Provide access to literature and programs that enables learning for life and knowledge sharing
  • We welcome newcomers to our region and help them to feel included
  • Youth are valued, supported and integrated through family focused infrastructure, activities and programs are encourage active involvement in the community
  • Aged community members continue independent living and active participation through provision of support programs that ensure community contribution is recognised and valued
  • High quality, affordable residential care provision is accessible to the community
  • Diversity is valued, understood , celebrated and promoted enabling communities to live harmoniously together
  • Local history and heritage is preserved and promoted
  • We will work towards reconciliation with our indigenous community
  • Sustainable and contemporary local sporting and community groups through provision of grants and expertise
  • Encourage participation in active living and provide connection to our open spaces through delivery and promotion of recreational trails
  • Health services are current and accessible
  • Deliver public health outcomes in alignment with the Regional Public Health Plan
  • Potential emergencies are considered, evaluated and prepared for
  • We ensure support for emergency services and provider
  • Public areas are monitored and protected
  • Community feels safe through provision of programs such as fire prevention, animal management and environmental health
  • Needs are recognised and addressed through provision and support for mental health, disability, suicide prevention, domestic violence, drug and alcohol dependency, LGBTQIA+ community and other groups
  • The community is supported to adapt to the changing external circumstances such as climate or economic change

Community Plan 2016-32 Objectives

  • A safe, healthy and active community
  • Plan liveable, connected and accessible places
  • Our history, diversity and culture is treasured

Subsidiary/Associated Strategies

  • Riverfront Strategy
  • Animal Management Plan
  • Regional Public Health Plan
  • Community Safety Plan
  • Youth Action Plan
  • Sport & Recreation Strategy
  • Ngarrindjeri Murrundi Management Plan
  • Wayfinding and Signage Strategy
  • Walking and Cycling Masterplan
  • Swanport Road Masterplan
  • Sturt Reserve Masterplan
  • Monarto Masterplan
  • Public Art Strategy
  • Murray Mallee Bushfire Management Plan
  • Murray Mallee Zone Emergency Management Plan