Connected Communities

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Connected Communities

Developing the community

During 2020-2024 we will develop and build on the foundations laid to ensure our community have access to information and services that shape decisions for the future.

We will ensure strong relationships with our residents, visitors and partners to deliver resilient, harmonious, thriving communities.

Community Consultation Focus Areas

  • Transport networks that support our cities
  • Community leadership and development
  • Community pride, identity, promotion and marketing
  • Digital Access and Connection
  • Improved transparency in decision making
  • Council processes and systems improvement
  • Build and improve trust and relationships between Council and its communities
  • Informed communities through delivery of timely, transparent communication and reporting
  • Ensure community input informs Council decision making
  • Develop community leadership programs that guide and support leaders of all ages
  • Encourage and recognise volunteerism and support volunteering opportunities throughout Council region
  • Our townships identities retain their uniqueness while recognising their place in part of the larger region
  • Create visual displays and other mechanisms that showcase our city and region
  • Positive and uplifting news stories stimulate pride in our towns
  • Proud home and business owners are encouraged and recognised
  • We show pride in our indigenous and multicultural heritage which is celebrated through storytelling and cultural experiences
  • Our communities have access to the digital world through internet coverage and digital hubs
  • Build digital literacy skills within the community and support the community to make the most of new technologies
  • 24/7 Online council services to the community where appropriate
  • Ensure appropriate levels of transport and connectivity between attractions, townships and service centres such as Mount Barker and Adelaide

Community Plan 2016-32 Objectives

  • Collaborate to achieve outcomes
  • Engaged and well-informed communities
  • Build community capacity and support

Subsidiary/Associated Strategies

  • Digital Strategy
  • Volunteer Management Plan
  • IT Strategy