Sport & Recreation


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Sturt Reserve is the Jewel in the Crown among many local parks, gardens & reserves.

Situated on the majestic River Murray, Murray Bridge is fortunate to have many reserves, parks, walking trails and sport facilities.


During the summer months water sports attract locals and tourists to the river. Activities like rowing, skiing, wakeboarding and kneeboarding are common sights.

Riverfront Reserves

Riverfront reserves where people can access the river include: Avoca Dell, Bells Landing, Long Island ReserveSturt Reserve, Sunnyside, Swanport Reserve, Thiele Reserve and Woodlane


The Rural City of Murray Bridge provides many sporting facilities and is the regional centre for many Murraylands competitions. There is football, netball, cricket and tennis but we also have carriage driving, go karting and equestrian events.

Jewel in the Crown

Sturt Reserve is the jewel in our crown. It is the central focal point of Murray Bridge and many events and activities are held here. Cafes, boat houses, the bunyip, the rage cage, outdoor fitness equipment and the undercover playground, all combined to create the perfect place to have a coffee and relax or kick the footy with the kids. 

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