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All documents on this page are currently available for public consultation. 

All documents can be downloaded free of charge or are available from the Local Government Centre at 2 Seventh Street Murray Bridge. 

Council welcomes your feedback.

Toora Reseve Masterplan and Concept Design Toora Reserve Draft Overall Concept 612px w

A NEW look for Toora Reserve based on ideas submitted by residents and river users is being showcased in a masterplan document and the Council is seeking further public feedback before the masterplan is finalised. 
Toora Reserve has been identified as a key site within the Rural City of Murray Bridge to develop for community use that will “book-end investment” along the riverfront.
Toora Reserve is being developed as a riverfront reserve in the high energy zone of the river which currently included Thiele Reserve and Avoca Dell Reserve. 
Both of these reserves become overcrowded at peak times and Toora Reserve can alleviate the pressure on those reserves. 
A clear vision for Toora Reserve development has emerged and includes:
Create a new waterfront recreation area for use by the local community and visitors that everyone loves to visit  due to its great location, linkages, functionality, public amenities and unique beauty. 
Enhance and celebrate the landscape and unique heritage qualities of the site so that Toora Reserve "stands out!" amongst other park offerings in the region. 
Protect the natural riverine environment and ecology present. Undertake remediation works and add sensitive design features that allow it to be appreciated by all. 
Support watersport use to alleviate congestion at other riverfront reserves in balance with other active pursuits including walking, cycling, and playing as well as passive recreation like picnicking and sightseeing. 

The Draft Toora Reserve Masterplan and Concept Design is available online at https://letstalk.murraybridge.sa.gov.au/ and hard copies are available at the Local Government Centre 2 Seventh Street Murray Bridge. 
Public Consultation is now open and closes 4 April 2018.

Primary Production (Central Policy Area 3) Value Adding DPA

The Rural City of Murray Bridge (the Council) has proposed a development plan amendment (DPA) that will affect the Council’s Development Plan.  Council is keen to ensure its Development Plan policies for its primary production areas are suitable to facilitate appropriate primary production related development, resulting in increased economic activity and employment opportunities within the district.

This Development Plan Amendment (DPA) seeks to change Council’s Development Plan to allow for greater flexibility within the Primary Production Zone.  This is not intended to deter from the main intent of the zone which focuses on long term, effective and environmentally sustainable Primary Production, but rather to provide greater opportunities to value add within the zone.  Value adding is essentially the process of taking a raw commodity and changing its form to produce a higher quality end product with increased economic value and demand in the market place. Value adding can provide substantial benefits by increasing investment opportunities, the ability to capture a greater percentage of the farm-to-retail price spread and the potential to increase viability and jobs.

The DPA has a specific focus on the existing Central Policy Area  3 which is located within the zone, this consists of the land located directly west of the River Murray, south of the Murray Bridge township and a corridor of land directly west of the township, including the area known as Monarto.  The DPA will create a new Precinct within this Policy Area; precinct 23 Flagstaff Road, this is intended to be the location for developments  which provide a service ancillary (and in support of) primary production, such as agricultural chemical resellers, cold storage, transport and logistics or food manufacturers.

Policy Area 3 now envisages land uses such as :

▪        allied food industry (value adding)
▪        energy generation facility
▪        farming including mixed broadacre farming
▪        horticulture
▪        intensive animal keeping.

While development within the Flagstaff Precinct looks for development which is

(a)   primarily for allied food industries (both direct and ancillary) which provide value adding activities associated with primary production
(b)   comprise direct allied food industries such as washing/processing/packing of produce, bulk commodity storage and feed/hay processing mills
(c)   comprise ancillary allied food industries such as agricultural chemical resellers, cold storage, transport and logistics, and value-adding industries (e.g. food manufacturers)
(d)   provide for supporting buildings and service infrastructure.

 The policy area and new precinct are shown on the following map:

Primary Production DPA

This DPA is to be placed on Interim Effect, meaning that these policies are in place from the date public consultation commences (23 January 2018) for the period of a year.  Any changes identified during the public consultation process will be made at the completion of this year.  By placing this amendment on interim effect this will enable the economic advantages associated with the proposed policy changes have the opportunity to occur sooner.

 A copy of the full DPA is available here  or a hard copy can be viewed at the Local Government Centre, 2 Seventh St, Murray Bridge

For futher information please visit the Lets Talk Page - http://letstalk.murraybridge.sa.gov.au/primary-production-value-adding-dpa   

 Any submissions can be made via email to dpasubmissions@murraybridge.sa.gov.au 

 Or alternatively post your submission to:

Chief Executive Officer
PO Box 421
Murray Bridge SA 5253

All submissions need to be received by 23 March 2018

 If necessary a public hearing will be held to hear submissions,  this has been scheduled for 11April 2018

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