The Rural City of Murray Bridge is officering car immobilisers FREE to residents in an effort to eliminate the risk of vehicle theft in our area.

Most vehicle theft is opportunistic and aimed at cars that are considered easy to steal.

An immobiliser is the most effective way to prevent your car being stolen.

An immobiliser is an electrical device that prevents the car engine being started.

Immobilisers are activated by a keyless remote attached to your key ring.

The cost of installation is $150 and this payment is made to the local business that installs the immobiliser. 

Local businesses participating in the safety program and installation of car immobilisers include:  

Murray Bridge Car and 4WD
RJ's Auto Electrical
Bridge Motors

Protect Your Vehicle

Never leave your keys in the ignition or any of the doors unlocked. It only takes a matter of seconds for the thief to go through your car for valuables or drive it away.

Always check that all windows and sunroof are fully closed - as even the smallest opening will aid a thief.

Always activate the steering lock, even in your own driveway or garage.

Never leave valuable or personal items such as a mobile phone, laptop or cash, on display. If visible from the outside they are an incentive to break into your car.

If you must leave valuables in your car conceal them in the glovebox - or, better yet, in the boot.

Never leave luggage unattached on a roof rack.

Park your car where it can be seen by passersby and in a well lit area at night.

Install an engine immobiliser - especially if you own an older car.


Community Safety Officer 

08 8539 1120



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