Council Assessment Panel


Council Assessment Panel

The State Government has embarked on an extensive process to reform the planning system in South Australia.  The main component of the planning reform process is the introduction of the Planning, Development & Infrastructure Act 2016 ("PDI Act") which is set to replace the Development Act 1993 as the overarching legislation governing the planning system in this State.

The PDI Act will be introduced in stages over a 3-5 year period to enable an effective transition to the new system.  One of the initial parts of the Act which has been introduced is the reform of Development Assessment Panels (DAPs) currently operating at the local government level.

A majority of Development Assessment Panels previously consisted of four Independent Members and three Councillors/Elected Representatives.  DAPs were responsible for the assessment and determination of certain types of Development Applications which were normally complex or involved representors wishing to be heard.

The PDI Act, as of 1 October 2017, requires that all Development Assessment Panels be replaced with a different type of Panel.  The Rural City of Murray Bridge has chosen to establish a Council Assessment Panel (CAP).  The membership of the CAP will comprise four Independent Members and one Councillor/Elected Representative. 

The following members have been appointed to the CAP:

Presiding Member:      Mr Gavin Lloyd Jones
Independent Member:   Mr Tony Huppatz
Independent Member:   Mr Myles Somers
Independent Member:   Mr Marc Voortman
Councillor:   Mr Jerry Wilson

The CAP will continue to assess and determine certain types of Development Applications pursuant to the delegations provided by Council.

Please Note:
Members of the Panel are not to be contacted in relation to matters before the Panel, or matters which may be put before the Panel in the future.

All enquiries should be directed to the Assessment Manager - Mr Geoff Parsons on (08) 8539 1100 or council@murraybridge.sa.gov.au

Terms of Reference

Meeting Procedures

Council Assessment Panel meetings are held at 10:00 am on the third Friday of each month, at the Local Government Centre 2 Seventh Street Murray Bridge. Member of the public are welcome to attend. 



Agenda and Minutes

November 16 2018
.pdf Addendum to Council Assessment Panel Agenda - 16 November 2018 Agenda
.pdf CAP Agenda - 16 November 2018 Agenda
October 19 2018
.pdf CAP Agenda - 19 October 2018 Agenda
.pdf CAP Minutes - 19 October 2018 Minutes
September 7 2018
.pdf CAP Agenda - 7 September 2018 - Special Meeting Agenda
.pdf CAP Minutes - 7 September 2018 - Special Meeting Minutes
July 20 2018
.pdf CAP Agenda - 20 July 2018 Agenda
.pdf CAP Minutes - 20 July 2018 Minutes
June 15 2018
.pdf CAP Agenda - 15 June 2018 Agenda
.pdf CAP Minutes - 15 June 2018 Minutes
May 18 2018
.pdf CAP Agenda - 18 May 2018 Agenda
.pdf CAP Minutes - 18 May 2018 Minutes
April 20 2018
.pdf CAP Agenda - 20 April 2018 Agenda
.pdf CAP Minutes - 20 April 2018 Minutes
March 2 2018
.pdf Special CAP Agenda - 2 March 2018 Agenda
.pdf Special CAP Minutes 2 March 2018 Minutes
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