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Information on Candidates nominating can be found on this webpage

Information on Provisional Results declared by the Electoral Commissioner can be found on this webpage


2018 Councils Elections timetable        
 Voters Roll close  5pm - Friday 10 August 2018
 Nominations Open  8.30 am - Tuesday 4 September 2018
Candidate Information Session 6 pm, Tuesday 11 September 2018
 Nominations Close  12 noon - Tuesday 18 September  2018
Ballot Paper Draw Tuesday 18 September 2018
Caretaker Period Commences Tuesday 18 September 2018
 Mail out of voting materials by ESCA  Monday 22 - Friday 26 October 2018
 Close of voting  5pm - Friday  9 November 2018
Scrutiny and Count Saturday 10 November 2018
Proposed formal results of election tbc - Tuesday 13 November 2018
Proposed first meeting of new Council tbc - Monday 19 November 2018, 7 pm



Chief Executive Officer - Michael Sedgman

Council Liaison Officer - Ros Kruger, 85391407

Electoral Commission of South Australia - Local Deputy Returning Officer - Ken Coventry, OAM

Electoral Commission of South Australia - Deputy Returning Officer - Cheryl Moylan




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