Local Government Elections



The 2018 Council Election has now been concluded by the Electoral Commission of South Australia with the following Members being elected for a 4 year term.

Mayor Brenton Lewis - elected unopposed.

Area Members elected following the election process:

Cr Andrew Baltensperger

Cr John De Michele

Cr Karen Eckermann

Cr Airlie Keen

Cr Tyson Matthews

Cr Mat O'Brien

Cr Wayne Thorley

Cr Fred Toogood

Cr Clem Schubert


Information on the 2018 Council Election Results are published on the ECSA website - https://ecsa.sa.gov.au/elections/council-elections-home/results

Council Election Reports published by ECSA website - https://ecsa.sa.gov.au/elections/council-elections-home/council-election-reports


The next scheduled Ordinary Election is scheduled for November 2022.





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