Wastewater & Septic Solutions


Application forms for the installation of Septic Tanks, Aerobic Wastewater Systems and Aerobic Sand Filters may be downloaded from here.

Wastewater Application Form

Information to be provided with completed Wastewater Application Form

Onsite Wastewater System - Fees for 2017-18

Septic Tank with sub surface disposal or holding tank              $468.00
Aerobic System with irrigation area    $468.00
Upgrade or Alterations to existing system (no under floor work)    $348.00 
Connection to CWMS (STEDS)    $348.00 
Permanent Grey Water Diversion System (SA Health Approval required)    $228.00

If you have any enquiries regarding these applications please contact Council's Environmental Health Officers, Phil Eckert or Jeremy Byrnes on 8539 1100.

SA Public Health (Wastewater) Regulations 2013

On site Wastewater Systems Code

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