Native Vegetation


To enable construction of the route, some approvals for a small amount of native vegetation clearance has been required.  Council has worked in conjuction with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to ensure impact is minimised.  Council has obtained the required approvals from DENR.

To ensure that Council acts within its “approvals” and complies with same, a Ferries McDonald - Amended 2013 - CEMP - Feb 2012 - PDF - With Attachments has been developed that Council staff must work within - it requires amongst other matters that;
  • Bunting off plant species that are “endangered” is to be undertaken before construction commences
  • Works stay within the construction zone
  • ”Stockpiles” are kept on the road or previously cleared areas (these areas must be defined by plans and records kept of compliance)
  • Soil disturbance is limited
  • Vegetation removal is limited and complies with the native vegetation approvals
  • Council manages pest plants
  • Where required “vehicles/machinery plant” is cleaned prior to entering site – to mitigate contamination by pest plants and disease)
  • Cleared materials/vegetation is used for re-vegetation or mulched and returned to the road side to assist in ‘batter’ control
  • A vegetation survey prior to construction is undertaken and removal of vegetation is monitored, and that;
  • The vegetation clearance envelope and turn-around points for construction activities are clearly defined.

Resin Wattle will be “bunted” and protected


Any questions regarding native vegetation can be directed to

Tony Wilson

08 8539 1442

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