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 Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet 1 - What is Planning

Fact Sheet 11 - How are the applications assessed

Fact Sheet 2 - Do I need approval

Fact Sheet 12 - What process will my application follow

Fact Sheet 3 - Why do I need approval

Fact Sheet 13 - What is Public Notification

Fact Sheet 4 - What is development approval

Fact Sheet 14 - Representations - Objections to an application

Fact Sheet 5 -  What do I need to lodge an application

Fact Sheet 15 - What are Referrals

Fact Sheet 6 - What else do I need to lodge an application

Fact Sheet 16 - What is the Development Plan

Fact Sheet 7 - Where do I get help preparing my application

Fact Sheet 17 - How do I get the Development Plan changed

Fact Sheet 8 - Applications lodged by builders

Fact Sheet 18 - What is CAP

Fact Sheet 9 - What are the types of development

Fact Sheet 19 - Costs associated with development assessment

Fact Sheet 10 - Can I apply for Non Complying Development

Fact Sheet 20 What is the process for land division


Fact Sheet 21 - Site contamination




Information Sheets


Information Sheet 1 -Signage and advertising 

Information Sheet 6 - Building on or near property boundaries

Information Sheet 2 - Change of land use 

Information Sheet 7 - Home renovations - Asbestos

Information Sheet 3 - Solar panels 

Information Sheet 8 - Intensive animal keeping

Information Sheet 4 - Working from home 

Information Sheet 9 - Horse keeping

Information Sheet 5 -  Fences and retaining walls 

Information Sheet 10 - Shipping containers 
  Information Sheet 11 - Swimming pool and spas



Form - Application for extension of development authorisation


Form - Provision of information declaration


Form - Statement of Representation


Is your property located within a Bushfire Zone?   Click here to find out - Bushfire Zoning Map

As of February 2009, development within a Bushfire Risk Area should meet the requirements of the Minister's Code.  Development Applications within a Bushfire Risk Area should be accompanied with the information requirements listed in the Code. Click here to download the Minister's Code - Undertaking development in Bushfire Protection Areas to make sure you provide all the relevant information when submitting a Development Application.


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