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Fact Sheet 1

What is Planning


Fact Sheet 13

What is Public Notification

Fact Sheet 2

Do I need approval


Fact Sheet 14

Representations - Objections to an application

Fact Sheet 3

Why do I need approval


Fact Sheet 15

What are Referrals

Fact Sheet 4

What is development approval


Fact Sheet 16

What is the Development Plan

Fact Sheet 5

What do I need to lodge an application


Fact Sheet 17

What is zoning and why are there different requirements in different areas

Fact Sheet 6

What else do I need to lodge an application


Fact Sheet 18

How do I get the Development Plan changed

Fact Sheet 7

Where do I get help preparing my application


Fact Sheet 19

Costs associated with development assessment

Fact Sheet 8

Applications lodged by builders


Fact Sheet 20

Where can I get plans drawn

Fact Sheet 9

What are the types of development


Fact Sheet 21

What is CDAP

Fact Sheet 10

Can I apply for Non Complying Development


Fact Sheet 22

What is the process for a land division

Fact Sheet 11

How are the applications assessed


Fact Sheet

Application for extension of development authorisation

Fact Sheet 12

What process will my application follow


 Fact Sheet

 Provision of information declaration




 Fact Sheet

 Swimming Pool and Spas






Is your property located within a Bushfire Zone?   Click here to find out - Bushfire Zoning Map

As of February 2009, development within a Bushfire Risk Area should meet the requirements of the Minister's Code.  Development Applications within a Bushfire Risk Area should be accompanied with the information requirements listed in the Code. Click here to download the Minister's Code - Undertaking development in Bushfire Protection Areas to make sure you provide all the relevant information when submitting a Development Application.

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