OPAL Themes


Every 12months OPAL releases a new theme to run for the year. Themes can be either around healthy eating or physical activity. Previous OPAL themes have included:

Life Looks Brighter Outside

Give the Screen a Rest Active Play is Best

Make it a fresh snack

Think Feet First- Step, Cycle, Scoot to School

a Healthy Brekky is as easy as Peel, Pour, Pop

The current theme for OPAL sites is "Water - The Original Cool Drink" and looks at the importance of drinking water.

Water - The Original Cool Drink


Cool fresh water used to be a favourite drink for kids - but nowadays there's so much choice in drinks and many are quite unhealthy.


Soft drinks, fruit drinks, cordial, flavoured mineral waters, sports drinks, energy drinks and fruit juice all contain water but they also contain sugar and sometimes caffeine, so they are not good for kids to have everyday.  If your kids regularly drink these instead of plain water it may cause tooth decay or they could put on excess weight.  So limit swee drinks - and give your kids plain tap water instead.

Tap water is also good for your kids' teeth as in South Australia it has added fluoride that helps to prevent tooth decay.


Our bodies are made up of 50-60% water.  That's a lot of water.  Even when your kids aren't running around, their bodies are using it up.  There's water in the air they breathe out, plus they sweat and cry.  For their bodies and brains to work well - and for them to think clearly - the water needs to be replaced.  It can come from the food they eat, like fruit and vegetatbles, from milk and other drinks.


As a family, if you swap bought drinks for free tap water, the savings will start adding up.

1 litre of cordial concentrate @ $5.00 per week = $16 per month
1 600ml bottle soft drink @ $3.70 per day = $104 per month
1 600ml bottle of sports drink @ $3.50 per weekend = $14 per month
2 litres of fruit juice drink (25% fruit juice) @ $4.50 per week = $18 per month

These changes alone could save your family 60kg of sugar (15,000 teaspoons) or $1800 each year !!


  1. Provide water or milk with all meals and snacks
  2. Always have a jug of fresh tap water on the bench
  3. Teach kids to help themselves to water, but to ask for other drinks
  4. Add ice or straws to the water for crunch and fun
  5. Buy refillable water bottles for your kids to take to school
  6. Pack water for outings so you don't need to buy drinks
  7. Reduce temptation by not having sugary drinks in the house, except for special occasions
  8. Lead by example - make water your drink of choice
  9. As a family, plan what you'll do with all the money you save
  10. Keep trying - changes take time - but the health of your children is a great reward


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