Going Green Down Under

Santos Tour Down Under celebrations in Murray Bridge will have a clean and green environmental focus under a new event waste reduction initiative.

The Rural City of Murray Bridge is working with event organisers to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, by encouraging recycling and composting at the upcoming major cycling events in the town.

Chief Executive Officer Michael Sedgman said the impact would be significant with more than 20,000 people expected to attend the Santos Tour Down Under on Friday 24 January.

“Traditionally, waste collected at public events has all gone to landfill unsorted,” he said.

“Recent surveys show that 87% of people attending events support the introduction of recycling and waste reduction programs.

“So for the Santos Tour Down Under Events in Murray Bridge, a large portion of the waste generated will be successfully recycled due to the introduction of our Waste Wise Events program.

Colourful recycling stations placed throughout the city centre will provide clear guidance for division of recyclable waste groups.

Mr Sedgman said, where possible, all items sold and used would be recyclable, reusable or compostable.

“Focussing on recycling and waste reduction will help the environment, but will also keep costs down for participating businesses, stall holders and organisers,” he said.

Murray Bridge and Mannum Scouts will be patrolling crowds, collecting returnable bottles, cans and drink containers to help the environment and raise money for their activities. 

Santos Tour Down Under Going Green Promotional image 2 January 2020 web.jpg

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