Climate Emergency

A Climate Emergency has been declared by The Rural City of Murray Bridge as students across the nation rally to demand action to support a sustainable future.

The Council became the seventh Local Government authority in South Australia to make the declaration at the urging of two local year 5 students: Mannum Community College student Casey Taylor from Murray Bridge and Unity College student Amity Bailey from Mannum.

Mayor Brenton Lewis said he was heartened to see local young people caring and becoming involved in issues that affected their community and their world.
“These passionate young people are the leaders of tomorrow,’ he said.
“It’s important we listen to their vision of what they would like that future to be, and that we protect the world they will inherit.
“It’s not too late to turn things around. 
“If we all work together we can make a difference and build a brighter future.”

As a result of the declaration the Council will prepare a Climate Emergency Plan that will include strategies to reduce Council’s carbon footprint, reduce waste, reduce water use and help prevent negative environmental impacts.

“We are already moving in the right direction by storing and reusing stormwater runoff in our open spaces, and we recently committed to longer term strategy towards reuse of kerbside recycling materials, supporting a circular economy in the next five years,” said Mayor Lewis.
“This next step will help us further futureproof our environment and the world for the next generation.” 

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