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Dog and Cat Reforms
New laws for dog and cat owners and breeders will soon be introduced in South Australia.  This Fact Sheet provides information on how these changes may affect you.  To find out more please visit www.dogandcatboard.com.au or contact Council's Compliance Officers on (08) 8539 1100 or council@murraybridge.sa.gov.au

The new legislation takes effect from 1 July 2018.

All income received from dog registrations and expiations is dedicated to animal management and public safety, recreational opportunities for pets, their owners and educational materials.

Initiatives funded by the program include:

Dog-off leash parks;

Caring Animal Management Officers who are trained in Animal Behaviour management techniques;

Dog pound;

Education programs; and

Support of dog obedience programs.

20% of all registration fees collect are paid to the Dog & Cat Management Board. This money helps to fund welfare organisations such as Animal Welfare League and RSPCA. The Dog & Cat Managment board provides training for Dog Management Officers and produces information sheets for Council to distribute to their local community.

Application for Dog Registration

Dog Registration Fees 2017-2018


Proof of concession must be sighted by staff at initial registration and each year after registration is renewed.

Acceptable concessions for dog registrations include Pension Card and Healthcare Card.

Other Rebates

Desexed – Vet certificate.

Microchip – A microchip registration certificate showing the microchip number.

Working dog – Working dogs are preliminary used for droving or tendering stock. A concession may apply where this can be demonstrated with documented proof such as tax records or contracts for the previous 12 months.

Greyhound – Concession fees only apply to dogs currently registered with the SA Greyhound Racing Control Board. – Current registration papers must be provided.

Guide, Hearing, Disability Dogs – The guide and hearing dog concessions will be applied after the presentation of documentation supporting completed training with the Guide Dog Association of SA or Lions Hearing Dogs. The Disability Dog Concession is only available upon presentation of two medical certificates, one from a specialist and any further information required by the Dog and Cat Management Board. The relevant documentation only needs to be presented once – subsequently the concession will be applied annually.

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