Phase 2 and 3 Construction


Construction of Phase 2 and 3 of the new road from Garwood Road to the Freeway will commence in March 2013, with the redevelopment of the road expected to be completed in its entirety by 30 June 2014.

It is not expected that the road will be impassable or closed to traffic at any time during construction of Phase 2 & 3 and property access will be maintained at all times.

Notwithstanding, patience is required as at times delays may be experienced by motorists, residents and property owners while construction is underway.


Ferries McDonald Road - Phase 2 Design  

Seven (7) options for Phase 2 & 3 were put forward for Council's consideration for the road alignment through the "S" bend near the Monarto Conservation Park.

This is Council's preferred option as it has a design speed of 110 km/h with a posted speed of 100 km/h and has been approved by our designers as it meets the requirements of Austroads Guidelines.

This option would have minimal native vegetation clearance requirements and minimal land take from two property owners.


Ferries McDonald - Amended 2013 - CEMP - Feb 2012 - PDF - With Attachments

Ferries McDonald Road - GHD Plans - Aeiral Photo - Drawings

GHD Malleefowl Management Plan - February 2012

Ferries McDonald CEMP Attachment 6 Rd Veg Manage Plan

Ferries McDonald Attachment 10 Traffic Management Plan

Ferries McDonald Attachment 11 Construction Program

Ferries McDonald Attachment 12 DTEI env construction





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