Home Safety Audits


Your Home Your Castle Safety Audits are a confidential service provided free of charge by The Rural City of Murray Bridge.

Community Safety Officer Heather Courtney conducts these audits free of charge.

Heather's role is to respond to people in the community who have a concern with their home security or have experienced a break and enter.

Heather provides a confidential service and can visit, conduct a physical home audit, listen, identify problems, discuss solutions and offer support and advice.

Some methods used to help avoid a break and enter include:

Improved window and door security;

Detering potential offenders by utilising better lighting;

Trimming trees and shrubs to improve lighting;

and other strategies to avoid being targeted by offenders when not at home.

Your Home Your Castle volunteers may also visit and talk to residents if they are feeling unsafe or in need of some support. These volunteers are able to install home safety devices such as:

sensor lights;

wide angled viewers (for front/back doors);

key guards for screen doors;


ETSA locks (With these the resident has a key and the meter reader has a master key to open the lock and read the meter);

patio bolts;

door chains;

and pad bolts and chains for side gates etc.


Community Safety Officer 

08 8539 1120

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